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We provide full end-to-end delivery of 360 content. We work with clients from scripting and storyboarding right through to video distribution and file upload.
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Let us show you where VR/AR adds value to your business. We believe VR experiences can change the world. Read about the boundaries we've pushed in the following industries:





We understand the world of VR & AR

We are specialists in the virtual world and provide a full-service approach to succeeding in the virtual environment.

VR/AR App Development

We design, build, and deliver applications in Unity utilising computer generated content. These solutions are excellent for training as well as communicating complex information in a tangible and interactive way.

Check out our plumbing training solution for Woodie's.

Services include:
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Gear VR
  • Rift
  • Vive

360 Videography

We are experts in cinematic 360 3D videography using high-res 8K 360 3D cameras, as well as full spatial audio production. These projects are usually delivered on the accessible Oculus Go (mobile VR/3D) headsets.

Check out our first person perspective training solution for FBD.

Mixed Reality Design

With backgrounds in theatre and audio production, we are masters at seamlessly blending the live and virtual realms to create engaging, impactful, immersive experiences.


Working in design and creation for over 4 years, we regularly consult with clients to explore where VR/AR can add value to their business.

We run introductory workshops and deep-dive sessions to bring your team up to speed on hardware and software involved. We look closely at problems in your organisation that VR/AR could address.

Demos are essential in these sessions as VR/AR are experiential mediums.

Our Approach

We meet you and the team to establish a working relationship and inspire you with some of the possibilities presented by VR/AR. We run an Introductory and Needs Analysis workshop for all stakeholders to explore where VR/AR can add-value to your company.

Building on the Research phase, we decide on a proof-of-concept that best fits a tangible company need. We verify that the project has practical potential through iterations until we agree on final output.

Our team begins building the solution for release, delivered on the appropriate device as defined in the Concept phase.

After we roll-out the solution, it doesn't stop there. We work with you on supporting the application either by training up your team or through an SLA (Service Level Agreement). This ongoing relationship enables the next phase of conversations, identifying the next potential AR/VR solution for your business.

Let's create the future together. Talk to us today about how the powerful new mediums of VR and AR can add-value to your business.