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VR for Marketing


  • More time with your brand: Without the distractions of real reality (primarily their phone!), viewers have focused attention on your brand or message, holding viewers attention for much more time than other media.
  • Deeper emotional engagement: VR has been dubbed the empathy making machine by Chris Milk, see his inspiring Ted talk here. And therefore has the ability to make consumers part of the brand experience either by building empathy for others or eliciting feelings that can only come from a first person experience.
  • Simplifying the complex: No level of 2d video, images of theoretical explanation compares to placing someone within an experience. In VR users interact in a way that allows for a much deeper understanding where information is communicated quicker and more thoroughly. For brands this enables consumers to appreciate their products, brands and values in new ways.
  • Condensed sales cycle: VR and AR have proven to convert sales with excellent global case studies such as the Ikea place app ‘Try Before you Buy’, see here. Or, check out Thomas Cook's Look Before you Book.
Bombay Sapphire case study:


Virtual Reality Ireland worked on the creation of an AR app and 360 video for Bombay Sapphire gin to be used as a marketing activation at a cocktails conference in New Orleans.


The Bombay Sapphire AR app brings the label of the Bombay Sapphire to life and shows stunning animations of the botanicals in the gin: Liquorice root, Juniper Berries, Cubeb Berries, Angelica Root, Almonds, Coriander, Cassia Bark, Orris root accompanied by folly sounds of these elements. The label of the bottle is the controller in the AR experience activation, moving the bottle moves the app from one botanical to the next. Following the display of each of the botanical animations, a 360 video is launched showing the Laverstoke distillery in all its glory. The 360 video shows the stunning glasshouse of the distillery from the ground as well as from drone shots flying above Laverstoke.

Virtual Reality Ireland's work on the project included:

  • Consultation and design of all aspects of the AR and 360 video app for Bombay Sapphire
  • 360 video shot and stitched and composited the 360 scenes including drone footage
  • Ambisonic audio production including all sound recording and sound design for the 360 video

The 360 video launched from within the app can either be viewed full-screen (for a window-to-the-world VR experience) or split-screen (viewing the 360 video via the Google cardboard).


The app launched at the Tales of the Cocktails ® conference in New Orleans in July 2015 much to the joy and delight of attendees.

The app is running successfully over 4 years later with hundreds of downloads and countless activations.


Virtual Reality Ireland capture the Dáil100 timeline, a temporary exhibition at Leinster House, in full 360 glory.


We captured the timeline with a series of 360 still images shot with our 8k resolution 360 camera. The camera height and positioning of the camera to ensure the timeline was clear and legible was key to this shoot.


We are currently working on the 360 edit to allow a wider audience to enjoy the Dáil100 forever more!

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